Ferri Lighting Design & Associates

FLDA is recognized as specialists in multi-camera television production, their forward thinking approach to projects means they always design with an eye towards creating a pristine, high-definition image. Their design principles apply to all television formats regardless of how it is being viewed.

The designers at FLDA believe that lighting should not be a conscious element to the viewer; it is a critical element to the production. Lighting should support and complement the talent while enabling the production to communicate effectively at all times. FLDA’s design team is very aware of their responsibility to help grab the viewer’s attention. Clients can expect that FLDA will bring the very latest lighting technologies to their project in a manner that will create a look that will stand out.

Energy Efficient Solutions

At FLDA we stand on the bleeding edge of technology. Throughout the last several decades lighting has evolved by leaps and bounds. We pride ourselves with not just keeping up with that evolution but also with collaborating with manufacturers to improve and expand new technology. We at FLDA were the first to implement a fully LED studio solution in broadcast. By developing a highly streamlined process we have been on the forefront of energy efficient LED studio installations, saving our clients money on power and long term operating costs.

Award Winning Studios

ESPN Sportcenter.  Fully Energy Efficient LED Studio, 2014  -   Visit Portfolio

ESPN Sportcenter.  Fully Energy Efficient LED Studio, 2014  -  Visit Portfolio